This site allows an open networking between Scouts/Coaches/Agents and Team Administrator (or Manager/Coach).

Scouts/Coaches/Agents can view teams profile, games and communicate with only the Team administrator on a highlighted player(s). Team administrator will also do all video uploads, (including individual athletes video’s if necessary) and place Events to calendar for interested MST members to view and/or attend.

Team Roster: Team Rosters can be formed using Groups. (Registered members click) 

a. Select Group category

"_My Team Roster"

b. Team Admin can create a roster by directing players or parents of players to register on MyScouTube using the Team Roster category and later sending invites to members of the team to JOIN your group. Players can later change their Profile.


6 different Team Memberships. 

Three for University/College Prospect athletes:

a. High School Team
b. Jr. Club Team
c. Jr. National Team 

Three for Pro Prospect athletes:

a. University/College Team
b. Jr. National Team
c. Semi Pro Team

As a team member you will be able to do the following and more:
a. Post your teams highlight Videos for prospective Coaches and Scouts. 
b. Post your “Events” on your calendar so potential Scouts/Coaches know your teams schedule.
c. Invite Scouts/Coaches to view your MyPage (Profile Page), watch your teams videos and Network.
d. Network in a professional Sporting environment to showcase your talent to University/College Coaches or Scouts.
e. Use MyGroup to create group types that describes your affiliation and Invite friends/coaches/scouts to Join. 
f. Add or search for Postings on desired scouting opportunities.


a. Universities (NCAA);
b. College (NAIA);

Universities (CIS); 

a. English:
b. Francais:




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